Articles Archive for March 2013

24 Mar 2013

After months of planning a sleepover it seemed that the pretty, fluffy white snow would scupper our plans.
With no way of getting into the site at Tansley we managed to switch venues back to our own Hutt.
A HUGE thanks go out to all those who attended, braving the snow, walking to the Hutt, getting stuck in the car park & pushing cars out of the snow!!!
A grand time was had by all when we went fishing, made lobsters and octopus’s (octopi? ;-)), sat around the beach campfire and went deep …

9 Mar 2013

Another Dragon Camp done.
After helping out at the Race Night the Scouts chilled out and watched a film. Early risers as well so we sat and reminisced about previous camps.
Not many more to go to complete the Bronze Award!

9 Mar 2013

Thanks to all who came and supported the Race Night. A very enjoyable evening. Thanks also to James and co for organising the event.