BeaversBeaver Scouts are the youngest section of the Scout Association, they can start from the age of 6 years old (or just before) until 8 years old.  We welcome boys and girls into our Beaver Colony.


We meet for 1¼ hours each week during term time – this is called a Colony Meeting.

Each week we have lots of fun making friends, playing games, doing many different crafts & activities and making things.  We learn about the world around us and our own community.

We sometimes have parties.  Occasionally we arrange for someone interesting to come in to talk to us or to show us things.  Sometimes we go on visits or a trip.  We even have sleepovers as a Colony and also part of the Scout Group with the Cubs and Scouts.

Space_HopperAfter a few weeks you will know whether your child enjoys Beavers, if so you will need to visit our Local Scout Shop to buy a Beaver jumper and a necker (the necker isn’t worn until after they have made the Beaver Promise, this is called Investiture).

After Investiture they will then officially be a Beaver Scout. You will be notified when this will take place – you may wish to be there to take a photo of this proud event!  This is when you get the badges required for their sweatshirt and a woggle for their necker.  Please click here to see where to sew on the badges.

We organise the Beaver Scouts into small groups called Lodges.  In each Lodge the eldest Beaver is given the “responsibility” of being a Lodge Leader.

If you would like to join us to see whether you like Beavers or to arrange a start date if your child is not quite old enough yet please use the Contact Us page on our web site.

Once the Beavers are old enough (between 8 and 8½), they can move on to Cubs.

At their last Colony Meeting when they actually leave Beavers to go to Cubs we have a fun ceremony called “Swimming Up” (it doesn’t involve water or real swimming!!)

ComputerBeavers can work towards many Badges and Awards – please click here for more details.

Uniform can be purchased at the Chesterfield District Scout Shop

For more information about Beavers please visit the following;

The Scout Association – Beavers

Derbyshire Scouts – Beavers