31 Jan 2017

A huge well done to Alfie, Elliot and Frances for coming 2nd in the District cooking competition with their French onion soup, chicken marengo and tarte aux pommes.
Also a big thank you for the effort they have put in by preparing and practicing over the weekend as well as the parents for all their help and support.

4 Oct 2014

The Scout Association have now launched the following channels to keep young people (particularly Scouts, Explorers & Network) up to date with Scouting issues.
Follow @scouts on Twitter and to check out and

2 May 2014

It was great to see so many young people and adults supporting Scouting by attending the Parade to honour the patron saint of Scouting – St George.
The weather held out and we were able to Parade in the sunshine.
There are some photos on the website here.
We also feature on the Derbyshire TImes website;
Link to the News article here.
Link Direct to the video here.
If you have any photos of the Parade let us know via the Contact us page.

9 Mar 2013

Another Dragon Camp done.
After helping out at the Race Night the Scouts chilled out and watched a film. Early risers as well so we sat and reminisced about previous camps.
Not many more to go to complete the Bronze Award!

9 Feb 2013

Another Dragon camp completed.
Not quite as eventful as the snowy January Dragon camp but fun none the less.

For more info regarding the Dragon Award visit the Welsh Scout Council’s website.

26 Jan 2013

Wow.  What a great night.
Tents up in the snow – having to scrape the snow off every hour.
Thanks to all who came – made it all worth while.

20 Dec 2012

Scout Panto once again is a roaring success.
All the Scouts worked really hard to make sure this was a night to remember (they even prompted each other with their lines!!!!)
As always it was a great evening.  Thanks go to all the Scout Leaders who rehearsed and prepared the Scouts and scenery.  A special thank you to James without whom we would not have a Panto to rehearse.
See the cast here. (You will need to be logged in!)
Well done all.

15 Dec 2012

Another Dragon camp has been completed – straight after a fabulous Panto at the Pomegranate.
Thankfully it was a lot warmer than expected (the night before was -7!!!).
Details on the Dragon Award can be found here.

1 Dec 2012

Just completed another nights camping towards the Welsh Scouts Dragon Award. It was cold!!!!